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Chapman Cares, Inc.

 CCI will come to your site upon request

Discount Rate for Groups

CPR Classes - First Aid Classes




HS CPR & First Aid


HS Pediatric CPR & First Aid


75.00 per person

75.00 per person

Look below for scheduling information.

HS CPR only

55.00 per person

HS First Aid only

HS Pediatric First Aid Only

45.00 per person

45.00 per person

BLS Health Care Provider

CPR only

65.00 per person

BLS Health Care Provider CPR & First Aid Combination

85.00 per person


Scheduling Information:  Chapman Cares Inc. (DC, VA & MD areas only) offer classes every Tuesday.  You must sign up for a morning, afternoon or evening class on Tuesday.  CCI offer weekend classes--call for schedule date.  If these dates do not fit your scheduling needs, call us for other special scheduling dates and times.    We will come to do training at your location--minium number of students required. Call for scheduling in our new location in Michagan at 301-449-0418.

o        All CPR and First Aid certification is valid for two years.        We now sell the CPR face shields as required as part of your first aid kit.

Call to put your name on the roster. "Chapman Health Kare Corporation", now called "Chapman Cares, Inc." is recognized by the Child Care Administration of the Department of Human Resources to provide continued training to the Regulated Child Care Provider of the State of Maryland.  Your certification will be from the American Heart Association. We are an approved training site for the American Heart Association.

CALL US TODAY (301) 449-1181 or Michagan at 301-449-0418

email address chapmancares@aol.com

P.O. Box 44530

Ft. Washington, MD  20744